Back to School

Back to school time is here, with Sheridan Community Schools’ first day on Aug. 9. As you help your family gather school supplies, pick out new clothes and get a new haircut, it can also be important to include a chiropractic visit in your back to school plans. Let’s talk about what Creekside Chiropractic can do for your children during the hectic start of the school year.

Boosting your immune system

Your spine connects all of the parts of your central nervous system, and its health can have a big impact on other systems in the body. This includes the immune system, which protects the body from new germs and other bacteria that your child may encounter during the upcoming school year. (There’s a reason that many call the classroom a petri dish!) With regular chiropractic care, your spine will be healthier, which can keep the nervous system healthier and the immune system boosted. 

Improving flexibility and comfort

Student-athletes can also benefit from routine alignments, which improve flexibility and range of motion. And if an injury occurs, chiropractic care can encourage relaxation in the tissue and improve blood flow, often reducing healing time. Childhood and adolescence are critical times for the development of their bones and the entire neuromusculoskeletal system. Get your child off on the right foot this school year by keeping them feeling better overall and more comfortable in their body.

Aligning due to heavy backpacks

No matter the age of your child, a heavy backpack can put their spine out of alignment or exacerbate a current misalignment, especially if they are not carrying their backpack correctly. Other issues related to backpacks can include circulation/nerve damage problems from flimsy straps that cut off circulation, and compressed vertebrae from arching or leaning forward while wearing a heavy backpack. Students can even experience muscle contractions, strains in the neck, upper back or shoulder, as well as posture issues that could even lead to the development or worsening of scoliosis. 

Top back to school backpack safety tips

In addition to regular chiropractic alignments, there are some preventative measures you can take to avoid back pain from heavy or poorly-constructed backpacks. First, try to buy the smallest bag necessary to carry just the essentials. Look for a well-made backpack that has padded straps and a padded back, plus a waist belt can help redistribute weight. Backpacks with compartments can help immobilize items to distribute weight more evenly, in addition to keeping you more organized. 

When you wear the backpack, make sure to tighten the straps to keep the bag centered and hanging close to the back to relieve pressure. It may seem cooler to carry a backpack with one strap, but it’s much safer for your back to use both. If you are concerned about how heavy the bag is — weigh it! We recommend that backpacks should not be heavier than 10-15% of your child’s body weight. Finally, take advantage of your locker or cubby at school to hold supplies. You shouldn’t need to take every book home every night, which will help alleviate the strain on your back as well. 

Are you ready to schedule your back-to-school chiropractic alignment? Contact Creekside today at 317-753-5550 to schedule your next appointment.

Winter Blues

Winter is just around the corner and is making its presence known with chilly temperatures and quickly darkening afternoons. There are many wonderful things to look forward to in the winter, such as the holiday season and playing in the snow, but if you struggle to get through the dark and cold months, you are not alone. Whether you are dealing with worsening chronic pain and persistent winter colds, or are struggling to maintain your mental health in the coming months, come to Creekside Chiropractic and let us take care of you. Our wide range of holistic services will keep you feeling your best through the frigid winter blues and be the warm ray of sunshine you need when it’s nowhere to be found outside. 

Dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder 

It is no secret that winter in Indiana can be a bit depressing, especially if you experience seasonal affective disorder, which has an appropriate acronym: SAD.  Seasonal affective disorder, also known as seasonal depression, can feel different for every individual, but common symptoms are feeling depressed for the majority of consecutive days, losing interest in activities you once enjoyed, having low energy, having problems with sleeping, experiencing changes in appetite or weight, having difficulty concentrating, and feeling sluggish or agitated. The disorder often reappears for people in the late fall and early winter — just about where we are in the year now. Daylight savings time can be a major trigger, as it gets darker earlier and our biological circadian clocks are messed up. The change in season and decreasing amount of sunshine can also affect our body’s ability to produce serotonin and melatonin, two very important chemicals that keep us feeling happy and well-rested. 

In addition to having greater mental health struggles in the darker months of the year, you are more likely to get sick in the winter as well. According to Northwestern Medicine, common cold viruses are more active and harder to fight in colder weather, the lack of Vitamin D from the sun has been linked to having a weakened immune system, and dryer winter air allows for an easier spread of the flu virus. With such a wide range of mental and physical health issues that arise in the winter, you might be wondering what we can do to help, but our holistic approach to treating and healing the body can do a lot more than ease sore muscles. 

Chiropractic care to treat your winter blues

Have you ever felt like your body generally hurts more as the weather gets colder? Every ache cuts a little deeper and your joints feel like they needed to be oiled like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz. There are a lot of theories as to why this happens, but we are more interested in how we can help you feel less pain. 

Our first suggestion is to book a chiropractic appointment. It can help decrease symptoms associated with anxiety and depression, and increase the pumping of oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs, improving circulation. In a chiro appointment, realigning the spine can reopen blocked critical nerves that cause pain and tension in the body. In regard to treating seasonal depression, getting your body back in proper alignment and relieving muscles of unnecessary pain and tension can be a catalyst for activity and movement that will break the long lethargic states of depression that come with the winter season. 

If those aren’t enough reasons to sign up for an appointment right now, consider it an act of self-care for your winter blues, as the experience can be extremely relaxing. Winter is hard enough, even when you aren’t dealing with health problems – you deserve to treat yourself.  

Infrared sauna treatment for seasonal depression

If you are interested in branching out beyond traditional chiropractic services, we recommend you try our infrared sauna treatment this winter. What to expect from an infrared sauna experience is similar to that of a traditional sauna, but the use of infrared rays allows for a more gentle and soothing experience that uses a therapeutic level of heat that won’t leave you feeling scorched. Our infrared sauna is a great way to treat yourself to some relaxing self-care for your winter blues with many added health benefits. 

Two of the main health benefits of infrared sauna treatment are lower blood pressure and improved circulation. Although the temperature in the sauna is far more comfortable than that of a traditional sauna, the infrared rays still induce a deep sweat that makes the heart beat faster, which increases blood flow, lowers blood pressure, and increases circulation. Studies have shown that due to the sweating, one session can actually have the potential to burn up to 600 calories while you are simply relaxing. Better blood circulation has also been connected with better cell health and immunity, which is super important as we enter cold and flu season. 

Benefits of massage therapy

Massage therapy can relax and soften tired and overused muscles and can also enhance immunity by stimulating lymph flow, which acts as your natural defense system. It can also help reduce depression symptoms, with a Journal of Clinical Psychiatry report finding that patients who were given a twice-weekly Swedish massage therapy had lower levels of anxiety than their counterparts with general anxiety who were not given massages. Therapeutic massage can rub your stress away, which decreases your heart rate, blood pressure, and your body’s fight or flight response. Studies have also shown that massage can help reset circadian rhythms, which is especially helpful for those experiencing seasonal affective disorder. If you are interested in therapeutic massage, we recommend Diane Lawson, a licensed therapist right next door to Creekside. She can be booked by calling 317-902-7050 directly.

As we approach the end of the year and what will probably feel like another never-ending winter, stop by Creekside Chiropractic to prepare your body and mind to be as happy and healthy as possible. Make your first appointment today by calling us at 317-758-4880 or by scheduling online. There is no better investment than your own body and health.

Chronic Pain

Making the choice to see a chiropractor can be difficult, especially when there are so many myths and misconceptions surrounding the medical process. It is commonly associated with cracking bones and making huge skeletal shifts in the body, but here at Creekside Chiropractic, we take a holistic approach suited to your needs and comfort level. We will work with you to find ways to decrease your pain and increase your health and freedom to fully enjoy life. That is why seeing a chiropractor is great for addressing multiple health issues, including chronic pain. 

What is Chronic Pain? 

Unfortunately, we all experience pain throughout our lives, it’s just a part of being human, but sometimes our pain doesn’t seem to go away. Chronic pain is typically defined by doctors as lasting at least 12 months up to years. The pain might not feel the same every day, but its persistence can inhibit you from simply getting through daily tasks and having a full range of mobility. The cause of chronic pain can often be hard to pinpoint, but some common causes are chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, endometriosis, arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, and migraines. The good news for someone experiencing chronic pain is that there is a very good chance seeing a chiropractor can help – and here’s why. 

Myth #1: Chiropractic care is only cracking bones.

We are sure you have seen some intensely dramatic bone-cracking on social media, but there is so much more to chiropractic care than that, especially for chronic pain. Although there may need to be a realignment of the spine and extremities, our Certified Chiropractic Practitioner, Dr. Erin Merrill will make sure to take your appointment at a pace and intensity you are comfortable with. Chiropractic care can also include therapeutic massage techniques and finding ways to keep the body in alignment after the appointment. 

For those experiencing chronic pain in their joints and muscles, chiropractic care is for you too. There are many chiropractic techniques, one of which being “the gentle manipulation of soft tissue to stop muscles spasms and relieve tenderness. Other techniques might include active exercise or traction to slowly stretch the joints and relieve tension.” 

Myth #2: Seeing a chiropractor is not safe for chronic pain. 

This myth is simply not true, especially because we only employ Certified Chiropractic Practitioners. Of course, there are a few risks, just as there are with any medical procedure, but chiropractic care is often considered safer than other ways to combat chronic pain, such as surgery and taking prescription narcotic pain medications.

Myth #3: Chiropractic care is too expensive.

Although this might have been true a few years ago for certain patients, many health insurance companies are now covering chiropractic care, including major medical plans such as workers’ compensation, Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, Aetna, and UnitedHealthcare.

It is important to note that other medical remedies for chronic pain such as acupuncture and therapeutic massage are often not covered. 

Myth #4: Chiropractors can’t help with my overall health.

Although our name, Creekside Chiropractic implies that our main service is chiropractic care, we are proud to offer a multitude of services to holistically improve your health. This includes K-Laser Therapy, Therapeutic Massage, Infrared Sauna, and Vitamin Supplements

Our team is dedicated to providing wellness for both the body and spirit and we believe that we have something for everyone. Even if you just want to give your body a little rest and relaxation, our additional services will have you glowing inside and out by the time you leave.

Myth #5: You will need to keep going forever.

Even though it may seem like your pain will never end, the goal of seeing a chiropractor is to eventually go less and less. The chiropractic process is different for every patient, but with time and a plan, we can help relieve you of your pain and address the underlying internal issues that are causing it to stick around. The process will require a commitment to keeping your body in good health, but Dr. Merrill and our incredible team are more than happy to guide you through the process and be your biggest cheerleaders. 

Chronic pain sucks. There really is no better way to put it, but we here at Creekside Chiropractic are ready to help you take back control of your life. Whether you are looking for a single session or a holistic plan to alleviate pain long-term, we are here for you. Schedule your first appointment online or by calling 317-758-4880 and say goodbye to chronic pain.

Farming Chiropractic Care

Why chiropractic care is a great health care option for farmers

Farming is a hard job, but we at Creekside Chiropractic have got your back, sometimes very literally. Almost every farming job, regardless of the product, comes with its fair share of physical labor. Although modern technology has blessed us with advanced farm machinery and equipment, the health and wellness of your body is still crucial to being able to do your job well and without pain. But fear not, we know how to help you and your body get back into peak working condition and even prevent further pain and injury. If you’re in the farming industry and haven’t considered chiropractic care for your physical wellbeing, here is why we think you should.

What is chiropractic care?

Before we try to convince you that chiro can change your life for the better, you might be wondering, what is chiropractic medicine anyways? Chiropractic care, also known as just chiro, is a very versatile type of medical care that is hands-on and addresses pain without using any medications. Doctors, like our very own Dr. Erin Merrill, are certified to use their hands and special instruments to manipulate joints in your body which, if out of place, can cause you significant pain and stress in your life. Chiro is a great tool for people experiencing back, shoulder and neck pain, but it can be applied to many different kinds of pain throughout the body and has benefits that positively affect overall health as well.  

Farming back pain? You’re not alone. 

If you suffer from chronic or even occasional back pain, you are far from alone. According to a report in the National Agriculture Safety Database, 26% of farmers and ranchers deal with chronic back pain, and that number is likely low. Some types of farming place a much bigger strain on the back, which could lead to more serious injuries like herniated and bulging discs and degenerative disc disease. Don’t worry though, because a chiropractor can help with those issues too. Most of the pain relief in chiropractic medicine for the back specifically comes from the realignment of the spine. The doctor will use pressure and massage techniques to get everything back into place and will also give you recommendations on how to avoid further pain. 

Arthritis pain relief with chiro

The back and neck are common places for those working in the farming industry to experience pain, but manual labor affects the entire body and affects everyone differently. The good news is chiropractic care can also help alleviate pain in the elbows, knees, hips and even arthritic pain. There are actually over “150 techniques that chiropractors use to manually adjust the spine, joints, and muscles,” and not all of them use the intense pressure or popping of bones and joints that you might have seen dramatically done by a chiropractor on social media. If you are dealing with arthritic pain, your doctor can gently manipulate your soft tissue to help stop muscle spasms and relieve joint tenderness. They also may recommend exercises and stretches that can help increase range of motion and decrease chronic pain. If this all sounds too good to be true, we promise you it is not!

Beyond the physical pain of farming

Beyond needing treatment for specific areas of pain, chiropractic care is also great for maintaining your overall health and wellbeing, including your mental health. Chiro has repeatedly been proven to help with headaches and migraines, especially if they are being caused by tension in the neck. Relieving neck tension, whether you knew you had it or not, can also help improve your quality of sleep and range of motion. If you are struggling with physical pain and maintaining your mental health, chiropractic care can be a great way to help improve both at the same time. That being said, if you feel you are going through a severe mental health crisis, we encourage you to reach out to a mental health professional specifically. If you are just looking to improve your overall well-being though, realigning the spine can actually help neurotransmitters travel to parts of the body that had been blocked off while the spine was out of place. Restoring these nerve pathways can lead to greater mental clarity and mental health without the use of medications. 

We at Creekside Chiropractic are so grateful for everything farmers do for our community and nation and we know that your work comes with its own unique set of physical challenges. We hope that if you are experiencing physical pain that is holding you back from doing your best work, you consider working with a chiropractic practice. We are here to help you live your best pain-free life.

Schedule your first chiropractic appointment online today!

Why Sheridan Blog

At Creekside Chiropractic, we believe that chiropractic care isn’t just about your spine. It’s about improving your overall quality of life through specialized pain treatment. This is why our team of licensed chiropractors set the tone for drug-free pain management and total body health care. It’s who we are and what we do. Here are four reasons why you should choose Creekside Chiropractic in Sheridan, Indiana, as your home for chiropractic care. 

1. Who We Are

Our Creekside Chiropractic team is led by Dr. Erin L. Merrill, a Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner who provides patient examination, diagnosis, and specified chiropractic treatment. We are licensed chiropractors, dedicated to helping you manage and reduce your pain. 

We specialize in a variety of pain management and reduction services. Through our expert care services, we aim to treat your pain while helping to improve your overall wellbeing.

2. What We Do

Creekside Chiropractic offers a wide range of excellent services, spanning from chiropractic care and massage therapy to K-laser tissue healing and infrared sauna treatments. 

Our chiropractic care is a hands-on, drug-free approach for reducing or eliminating joint pain. We provide the following chiropractic therapeutic procedures; spinal manipulation, extremity adjustment, intersegmental traction, kinesiology taping, the Active Release Technique, the Graston technique, and K-Laser therapy. 

Interested in massage therapy? We offer a Swedish massage, pregnancy massage, and deep tissue massage with optional hot stone therapy. These therapeutic massages alleviate back pain, improve range of motion, and lessen depression and anxiety, among many other benefits. 

Don’t feel like you have to choose just one service when you visit! Our various treatments can all be combined to create a customized day of services. 

3. How We Serve

At Creekside Chiropractic, we pride ourselves on our quality of care. Several of our patients have described their experience as follows:

“Dr. Erin and her staff are professional, friendly, and fun! They are a huge part of the Sheridan community. Adjustments are efficient and effective.” -Jamie M.

“Dr Erin and her staff are amazing and always accommodating!” -Melissa W. 

“Excellent friendly service, great professional chiro-practin’!” -Josh D.

Our team is effective, friendly, and professional in our care. We are driven by the goal to help our patients achieve a pain-free life. 

4. Where We Operate

You don’t need to drive an hour to have a relaxing experience. Located in northwest Hamilton County in the town of Sheridan, Creekside Chiropractic is close to home. We are less than 20 minutes away from Carmel and Westfield, and less than 30 minutes away from Lebanon, Noblesville, Tipton, and Whitestown. 

Live pain-free and get back to the things you love. Schedule an appointment with Creekside Chiropractic today! Contact us online or give us a call at 317-758-4880.

How chiropractic care can treat ear infections

Curious How Chiropractic Care Can Treat Ear Infections?

A tale as old as time, your baby or child is inconsolable, tugging at their ear, and the symptoms are so distinct that you know exactly what is wrong before you even step foot in the pediatrician’s office. The dreaded ear infection.

Gentle and Effective Way to Treat Ear Infections

Ear infections are a very common ailment throughout childhood, with 80% of children experiencing this condition at one point or another.  Some children are even susceptible to chronic ear infections, which, as you can imagine, can be hard on both parents and kids alike.  What if we told you that chiropractic care is a gentle and effective way to treat ear infections and can even keep them from recurring? Read more

Chiropractor Sheridan, IN

Chiropractic Care for Athletes: Keeping Student Athletes One Step Ahead of the Game

As another season of sports is gearing up and while securing the right equipment and fan merch is important, your main concern is the health and risk of injury for your young athlete. It is estimated more than 3.5 million children under 14 receive medical treatment for sports injuries every year. Some injuries cannot be avoided, however there are steps you can take to lower your young athlete’s chance for injury. Ensuring good nutrition, wearing proper equipment and having a well-check visit before playing is good advice, however visiting your chiropractor can be of benefit too. It is estimated that 90% of world class athletes, including all NFL teams, incorporate chiropractic visits as part of their training regimen.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Athletes 

If your spine is working smoothly, the body’s overall performance increases. Improper spinal alignment forces muscles to compensate for the misalignment and can increase nerve pressure. Read more

Chiropractic car and sciatica pain

Did you know if you have sciatica pain a chiropractor can help?

Sciatica pain happens when the sciatic nerve, a large nerve extending from the lower back down the back of each leg (sometimes even to the toes), is inflamed or injured, putting pressure on the sciatic nerve and causing pain in the lower back that spreads to the hip, buttocks and leg. Patients often describe a shooting pain that radiates from the back and rear to the leg and can be worse when sitting. Typically it affects only one side of the body. Sometimes there is tingling, weakness, numbness or difficulty moving the leg. The pain can be severe in some individuals and lead to insomnia, as well.

Treatments can include medication such as anti-inflammatory or muscle relaxants, but did you know that regular chiropractic care also can help the body heal itself through a non-invasive (non-surgical), drug-free approach? Read more

Chiropractic care can improve digestive system

Digestive problems such as chronic heartburn, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, diarrhea, gas, bloating, and constipation are common ailments among Americans. Most of us have spent a lot of money on over the counter medicines that help ease the symptoms but do nothing to treat the root of the problem. Recent studies have found that chiropractic care can offer a drug-free method for treating digestive issues.

How Does Digestion Work?

Digestion is our body’s way of breaking down the foods we eat into small enough pieces for the nutrients to go where they are needed to keep us healthy. Digestion begins as soon as we put food in our mouth, with chewing and saliva. From there the food travels through various organs, each serving a job in further breaking down the food.

The digestive process is controlled by our nervous system. Several different regions of our nervous system send signals to our body to promote digestion. With so many nerves in our spine, one small subluxation could cause a major digestive issue.

What is a Subluxation?

A subluxation is any misalignment in your spine that affects your nerves. Subluxations can be minor to severe. Improper alignment puts stress and strain on your nerves, leaving them unable to work properly. If your nerves are unable to send the necessary signals to the rest of your body, digestive problems can arise.

How Can a Chiropractor Help?

Chiropractors specialize in identifying subluxations and safely and effectively correcting it. By gently guiding your vertebrae back in place, your chiropractor can realign your spine, taking stress off the nerves and allowing them to once again function properly. After beginning a chiropractic treatment plan, many patients suffering from digestive ailments have seen their symptoms disappear.

If you have digestive problems and would like to know more about how chiropractic care may help you, call Creekside Chiropractic today at 317-758-4880.

Do you have spring ready skin

Still got winter skin? Spring is just 21 days away. Think short sleeves, shorts, peep toe shoes, dresses, skirts and sandals. You so need spring ready skin! Before you bare those arms and legs, let us help you get your glow back. Clients all over Carmel, Zionsville, Westfield, Fishers, Geist and Sheridan trust the Creekside Chiropractic and The Mudroom at Creekside to get their glow back.  Read more