Benefits of chiropractic care in the summer

Summer is the perfect time to spend outdoors, soaking in the sun, enjoying the warm weather and spending precious time with friends and family. The season calls us to get outdoors and be active. Hiking, swimming, camping, rock climbing, road trips–the list could go on! All of these great summer activities can cause your spine to become misaligned, though, so it’s important to make visiting your chiropractor a priority.

How Outdoor Activities Affect the Spine

Outdoor activities, fun as they are, can put a strain on your spine. When you lift something heavy–like camping gear–and you use your back instead of your legs, it can cause your spine to become misaligned. Twisting during rock climbing, hiking or swimming can put an extra strain on your spine that causes the vertebrae to become slightly dislocated, a condition known as subluxation. Even sitting for too long in a car while on a road trip can cause subluxation. Eventually, this condition causes pain and discomfort and can dampen your summer plans.

What Are the Benefits of Visiting a Chiropractor in the Summer?

  1. It keeps you pain free. By visiting a chiropractor regularly, you ensure that any misalignment that you incur during your summer activities doesn’t stick around.
  2. It keeps your entire body healthy. When subluxation occurs, it puts pressure on the nerves running through your spine. Depending on where the pressure occurs, it can affect a number of other systems of the body. Your immune system can be affected by subluxation, causing you to get sick more easily.
  3. It keeps you more active. With a pain-free, sickness-free summer, you’re able to get outside and truly enjoy what the season has to offer. You can drive on long road trips without discomfort, camp, hike, and swim with less risk to your spine, and stay healthy to continue being active.

The best part is, you’ll be even more active when your back is pain-free and your immune system is functioning at full capacity. Visiting a chiropractor should be a regular part of summer so you can enjoy all the beauty nature has to offer.

Let’s book your summer chiro appointment right now and keep you in that summer groove.