Do you have spring ready skin

Still got winter skin? Spring is just 21 days away. Think short sleeves, shorts, peep toe shoes, dresses, skirts and sandals. You so need spring ready skin! Before you bare those arms and legs, let us help you get your glow back. Clients all over Carmel, Zionsville, Westfield, Fishers, Geist and Sheridan trust the Creekside Chiropractic and The Mudroom at Creekside to get their glow back. 

Creekside Chiropractics Best Tips for Breaking Out of Winter Hibernation

  • Water. Hydrated skin is happy skin.
  • Did you neglect to moisturize and exfoliate over the winter? We can’t stress self-care enough, but it happens to the best of us. Life gets busy. Start now and gently exfoliate a couple times a week with a sugar scrub. Lightly towel dry, then apply quality moisturizing lotion or cream to penetrate your parched skin after that flaky, dead layer is gone.
  • Love your heels. Did your feet spend their days in cozy boots this winter? Are they less than ready for the sunshine of spring and summer? In the evenings soak feet in Epsom salts for 10 minutes, then rub them with a grainy scrub, rinse, slather with a thick foot cream and cover with socks.
  • De-fuzz those legs, underarms and other areas. It’s time, ladies. Shave those legs and get ready for shorts, but don’t use soap. It dries out your skin when used for shaving. Use a hydrating shave gel or cream and make sure to moisturize after shaving. Also, change your razor at least every other week. Or book yourself a self-care treat and come see Lacey at the Mudroom at Creekside for all your hair removal needs. She even has a new technique to do Brazilians in 15 minutes!
  • The power of self-care. Why not just kick spring 2018 off with a spring in your step? Our full spa day is just $130 and starts off with either massage or facial, then you hop in the sauna, then go to the opposite service.  Block out  2 – 3 hours and come see us. You’ll love it!

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