Take care of your feet
Everything Needs a Solid Foundation: Take Care of Your Feet

You can’t build a strong, sturdy house that will last for years to come without beginning with a solid foundation. The same holds true for your body. Feet, the one body part so often taken for granted, hold the key to much of our physical health.


What Does Foot Health Affect?

Because feet are the body’s structural foundation, foot problems can affect many aspects of our overall health.

Body Pain – Imbalanced feet can lead to pain in the neck, shoulders, back, hip, and knees.

Organ Function – Your posture determines how your organs hang in your body. Balanced feet, and in turn better posture, ensure that your organs are in the proper place for optimal function.

Headaches – Severe headaches and migraines can be caused by flat and imbalanced feet. When your feet are imbalanced, all of the muscles in your body work harder to try to correct your posture. According to neurologist Dr. Mark Weatherall,

“The muscles in all parts of the body are constantly sending information to the brain about what they are doing, and signals from overloaded muscles can disturb the brain.

The brain then releases chemicals which cause blood vessels around it to expand and become inflamed – and it is this process that causes the throbbing pain.”

What Can You Do?

If you are experiencing any of these problems, visit your chiropractor for a foot scan. This scan will show any imbalances and how they may be leading to your pain. Custom orthotics may be the solution. A high quality custom orthotic can help alleviate the pain caused by foot imbalances. We are proud to partner with industry leader Foot Levelers to best provide our patients with an effective, drug-free, surgery-free solution to their pain. Foot Levelers was created by a chiropractor, Dr. Monte H. Greenawalt, in 1952. The business has thrived and grown continuously for the last 65 years. Foot Levelers custom orthotics are designed to support all three arches of the foot, giving you the best foundation possible. A study published in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation concluded that Foot Levelers orthotics in conjunction with regular chiropractic can decrease lower back pain by 40.4%.

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Mallory La Lond

Many of you know our Creekside Chiropractic side of the business, but did you know we also do DOT physicals for independent drivers and corporate clients? Indeed. Creekside Testing and Compliance is our other side of the business. It’s where Dr. Erin Merrill Macy and Mallory La Lond work with CDL drivers for routine physicals, drug testing and sleep apnea testing and treatment, so drivers can stay compliant and safe on the road.

It truly is a natural fit within our scope of business, and we love helping keep drivers healthy and on the road. So much so we have social pages devoted to healthy happy truckers. Check it out and give us a like.

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