Summer is the perfect time to spend outdoors, soaking in the sun, enjoying the warm weather and spending precious time with friends and family. The season calls us to get outdoors and be active. Hiking, swimming, camping, rock climbing, road trips–the list could go on! All of these great summer activities can cause your spine to become misaligned, though, so it’s important to make visiting your chiropractor a priority.

How Outdoor Activities Affect the Spine

Outdoor activities, fun as they are, can put a strain on your spine. When you lift something heavy–like camping gear–and you use your back instead of your legs, it can cause your spine to become misaligned. Twisting during rock climbing, hiking or swimming can put an extra strain on your spine that causes the vertebrae to become slightly dislocated, a condition known as subluxation. Even sitting for too long in a car while on a road trip can cause subluxation. Eventually, this condition causes pain and discomfort and can dampen your summer plans.

What Are the Benefits of Visiting a Chiropractor in the Summer?

  1. It keeps you pain free. By visiting a chiropractor regularly, you ensure that any misalignment that you incur during your summer activities doesn’t stick around.
  2. It keeps your entire body healthy. When subluxation occurs, it puts pressure on the nerves running through your spine. Depending on where the pressure occurs, it can affect a number of other systems of the body. Your immune system can be affected by subluxation, causing you to get sick more easily.
  3. It keeps you more active. With a pain-free, sickness-free summer, you’re able to get outside and truly enjoy what the season has to offer. You can drive on long road trips without discomfort, camp, hike, and swim with less risk to your spine, and stay healthy to continue being active.

The best part is, you’ll be even more active when your back is pain-free and your immune system is functioning at full capacity. Visiting a chiropractor should be a regular part of summer so you can enjoy all the beauty nature has to offer.

Let’s book your summer chiro appointment right now and keep you in that summer groove.

Chiropractic Care for Athletes: Keeping Student Athletes One Step Ahead of the Game

Spring and summer sports are gearing up and whether your child has played for many years or are new to the sport, your main concern is their health and risk of injury. It is estimated more than 3.5 million children under 14 receive medical treatment for sports injuries every year. Some injuries cannot be avoided, however there are steps you can take to lower your young athlete’s chance for injury. Ensuring good nutrition, wearing proper equipment and having a well-check visit before playing is good advice, however visiting your chiropractor can be of benefit too. It is estimated that 90% of world class athletes, including all NFL teams, incorporate chiropractic visits as part of their training regimen.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Athletes 

If your spine is working smoothly, the body’s overall performance increases. Improper spinal alignment forces muscles to compensate for the misalignment and can increase nerve pressure. Read more

Did you know if you have sciatica pain a chiropractor can help?

Sciatica pain happens when the sciatic nerve, a large nerve extending from the lower back down the back of each leg (sometimes even to the toes), is inflamed or injured, putting pressure on the sciatic nerve and causing pain in the lower back that spreads to the hip, buttocks and leg. Patients often describe a shooting pain that radiates from the back and rear to the leg and can be worse when sitting. Typically it affects only one side of the body. Sometimes there is tingling, weakness, numbness or difficulty moving the leg. The pain can be severe in some individuals and lead to insomnia, as well.

Treatments can include medication such as anti-inflammatory or muscle relaxants, but did you know that regular chiropractic care also can help the body heal itself through a non-invasive (non-surgical), drug-free approach? Read more

Digestive problems such as chronic heartburn, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, diarrhea, gas, bloating, and constipation are common ailments among Americans. Most of us have spent a lot of money on over the counter medicines that help ease the symptoms but do nothing to treat the root of the problem. Recent studies have found that chiropractic care can offer a drug-free method for treating digestive issues.

How Does Digestion Work?

Digestion is our body’s way of breaking down the foods we eat into small enough pieces for the nutrients to go where they are needed to keep us healthy. Digestion begins as soon as we put food in our mouth, with chewing and saliva. From there the food travels through various organs, each serving a job in further breaking down the food.

The digestive process is controlled by our nervous system. Several different regions of our nervous system send signals to our body to promote digestion. With so many nerves in our spine, one small subluxation could cause a major digestive issue.

What is a Subluxation?

A subluxation is any misalignment in your spine that affects your nerves. Subluxations can be minor to severe. Improper alignment puts stress and strain on your nerves, leaving them unable to work properly. If your nerves are unable to send the necessary signals to the rest of your body, digestive problems can arise.

How Can a Chiropractor Help?

Chiropractors specialize in identifying subluxations and safely and effectively correcting it. By gently guiding your vertebrae back in place, your chiropractor can realign your spine, taking stress off the nerves and allowing them to once again function properly. After beginning a chiropractic treatment plan, many patients suffering from digestive ailments have seen their symptoms disappear.

If you have digestive problems and would like to know more about how chiropractic care may help you, call Creekside Chiropractic today at 317-758-4880.

Our Creekside Chiropractic patients might have noticed a new face around the office in the last year. We’d like to introduce you to Amy Ferguson, our chiropractic assistant and scribe. In addition to being a mother and student, Amy brings joy and enthusiasm to Creekside Chiropractic and helps us with all of our needs.

Rounding out our series on meeting the Creekside team, we asked Amy some fun questions so you can get to know her better.

Learn More About Creekside Chiropractic’s Amy Ferguson

  • # of years in the field: Chiropractic Assistant/Scribe – 4 mos.  I’m currently finishing my Bachelors degree in health science.
  • What is your favorite whole body health feature at Creekside and why? The K-Laser is pretty awesome!  I can count on it to make whatever hurts, better
  • What is your favorite Indiana season and why?  Fall – I love watching my kids play football, having bonfires and just enjoying the beautiful colors. 
  • If you were a super hero, what super power would you have?  I would love to be able to read minds.
  • What is your favorite way to kick-off a Monday? A nice big fountain coke.
  •  What’s your favorite thing to “binge watch”?  The Vikings, Seal Team, Greys Anatomy
  •  Why do you LOVE working for Creekside?  My co-workers are the BEST!

Ready to learn more about K-Laser and all of our other services? Contact us today to come visit Amy and the rest of our team!

Everything Needs a Solid Foundation: Take Care of Your Feet

You can’t build a strong, sturdy house that will last for years to come without beginning with a solid foundation. The same holds true for your body. Feet, the one body part so often taken for granted, hold the key to much of our physical health.


What Does Foot Health Affect?

Because feet are the body’s structural foundation, foot problems can affect many aspects of our overall health.

Body Pain – Imbalanced feet can lead to pain in the neck, shoulders, back, hip, and knees.

Organ Function – Your posture determines how your organs hang in your body. Balanced feet, and in turn better posture, ensure that your organs are in the proper place for optimal function.

Headaches – Severe headaches and migraines can be caused by flat and imbalanced feet. When your feet are imbalanced, all of the muscles in your body work harder to try to correct your posture. According to neurologist Dr. Mark Weatherall,

“The muscles in all parts of the body are constantly sending information to the brain about what they are doing, and signals from overloaded muscles can disturb the brain.

The brain then releases chemicals which cause blood vessels around it to expand and become inflamed – and it is this process that causes the throbbing pain.”

What Can You Do?

If you are experiencing any of these problems, visit your chiropractor for a foot scan. This scan will show any imbalances and how they may be leading to your pain. Custom orthotics may be the solution. A high quality custom orthotic can help alleviate the pain caused by foot imbalances. We are proud to partner with industry leader Foot Levelers to best provide our patients with an effective, drug-free, surgery-free solution to their pain. Foot Levelers was created by a chiropractor, Dr. Monte H. Greenawalt, in 1952. The business has thrived and grown continuously for the last 65 years. Foot Levelers custom orthotics are designed to support all three arches of the foot, giving you the best foundation possible. A study published in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation concluded that Foot Levelers orthotics in conjunction with regular chiropractic can decrease lower back pain by 40.4%.

Contact Dr. Erin Merrill Macy today to begin your journey to living pain free. Call us at 317-758-4880. 

Many of you know our Creekside Chiropractic side of the business, but did you know we also do DOT physicals for independent drivers and corporate clients? Indeed. Creekside Testing and Compliance is our other side of the business. It’s where Dr. Erin Merrill Macy and Mallory La Lond work with CDL drivers for routine physicals, drug testing and sleep apnea testing and treatment, so drivers can stay compliant and safe on the road.

It truly is a natural fit within our scope of business, and we love helping keep drivers healthy and on the road. So much so we have social pages devoted to healthy happy truckers. Check it out and give us a like.

Continuing in our series on getting to know our Creekside team better, we thought you might like a few fun insights on our Mallory La Lond! Read more

Still got winter skin? Spring is just 21 days away. Think short sleeves, shorts, peep toe shoes, dresses, skirts and sandals. You so need spring ready skin! Before you bare those arms and legs, let us help you get your glow back. Clients all over Carmel, Zionsville, Westfield, Fishers, Geist and Sheridan trust the Creekside Chiropractic and The Mudroom at Creekside to get their glow back.  Read more

We know many of our Creekside Chiropractic patients know this smiley face as our Front Office Technician, but did you also know she is Creekside Chiropractic’s Esthetician as well?! We thought you might like a few fun insights on our very own Lacey Mundy!

Lacey has over 10 years of skincare and medical spa experience and is a graduate of Redken’s Salon Professional Academy. She attends yearly educational seminars at the Face & Body Spa Conference and Expo and has obtained certifications for Hungarian Facial Massage, Bridal & Special Event Make-up Application, as well as Male & Female Brazilian Waxing. Read more

Meet Dr. Kristen Bravo, Doctor of Chiropractic and Licensed Professional Acupuncturist. Dr. Kristen joined our Creekside Chiropractic team in the spring of 2017. She is a graduate of Purdue University and Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida. Additionally, she holds an acupuncture certification through the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture and a Webster Technique Certification from International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. A Westfield, Indiana resident, Dr. Kristen enjoys spending time with her husband, her two children and her beloved Pomeranian, Blue.

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