Back to School

Back to school time is here, with Sheridan Community Schools’ first day on Aug. 9. As you help your family gather school supplies, pick out new clothes and get a new haircut, it can also be important to include a chiropractic visit in your back to school plans. Let’s talk about what Creekside Chiropractic can do for your children during the hectic start of the school year.

Boosting your immune system

Your spine connects all of the parts of your central nervous system, and its health can have a big impact on other systems in the body. This includes the immune system, which protects the body from new germs and other bacteria that your child may encounter during the upcoming school year. (There’s a reason that many call the classroom a petri dish!) With regular chiropractic care, your spine will be healthier, which can keep the nervous system healthier and the immune system boosted. 

Improving flexibility and comfort

Student-athletes can also benefit from routine alignments, which improve flexibility and range of motion. And if an injury occurs, chiropractic care can encourage relaxation in the tissue and improve blood flow, often reducing healing time. Childhood and adolescence are critical times for the development of their bones and the entire neuromusculoskeletal system. Get your child off on the right foot this school year by keeping them feeling better overall and more comfortable in their body.

Aligning due to heavy backpacks

No matter the age of your child, a heavy backpack can put their spine out of alignment or exacerbate a current misalignment, especially if they are not carrying their backpack correctly. Other issues related to backpacks can include circulation/nerve damage problems from flimsy straps that cut off circulation, and compressed vertebrae from arching or leaning forward while wearing a heavy backpack. Students can even experience muscle contractions, strains in the neck, upper back or shoulder, as well as posture issues that could even lead to the development or worsening of scoliosis. 

Top back to school backpack safety tips

In addition to regular chiropractic alignments, there are some preventative measures you can take to avoid back pain from heavy or poorly-constructed backpacks. First, try to buy the smallest bag necessary to carry just the essentials. Look for a well-made backpack that has padded straps and a padded back, plus a waist belt can help redistribute weight. Backpacks with compartments can help immobilize items to distribute weight more evenly, in addition to keeping you more organized. 

When you wear the backpack, make sure to tighten the straps to keep the bag centered and hanging close to the back to relieve pressure. It may seem cooler to carry a backpack with one strap, but it’s much safer for your back to use both. If you are concerned about how heavy the bag is — weigh it! We recommend that backpacks should not be heavier than 10-15% of your child’s body weight. Finally, take advantage of your locker or cubby at school to hold supplies. You shouldn’t need to take every book home every night, which will help alleviate the strain on your back as well. 

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