Winter Blues

Winter is just around the corner and is making its presence known with chilly temperatures and quickly darkening afternoons. There are many wonderful things to look forward to in the winter, such as the holiday season and playing in the snow, but if you struggle to get through the dark and cold months, you are not alone. Whether you are dealing with worsening chronic pain and persistent winter colds, or are struggling to maintain your mental health in the coming months, come to Creekside Chiropractic and let us take care of you. Our wide range of holistic services will keep you feeling your best through the frigid winter blues and be the warm ray of sunshine you need when it’s nowhere to be found outside. 

Dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder 

It is no secret that winter in Indiana can be a bit depressing, especially if you experience seasonal affective disorder, which has an appropriate acronym: SAD.  Seasonal affective disorder, also known as seasonal depression, can feel different for every individual, but common symptoms are feeling depressed for the majority of consecutive days, losing interest in activities you once enjoyed, having low energy, having problems with sleeping, experiencing changes in appetite or weight, having difficulty concentrating, and feeling sluggish or agitated. The disorder often reappears for people in the late fall and early winter — just about where we are in the year now. Daylight savings time can be a major trigger, as it gets darker earlier and our biological circadian clocks are messed up. The change in season and decreasing amount of sunshine can also affect our body’s ability to produce serotonin and melatonin, two very important chemicals that keep us feeling happy and well-rested. 

In addition to having greater mental health struggles in the darker months of the year, you are more likely to get sick in the winter as well. According to Northwestern Medicine, common cold viruses are more active and harder to fight in colder weather, the lack of Vitamin D from the sun has been linked to having a weakened immune system, and dryer winter air allows for an easier spread of the flu virus. With such a wide range of mental and physical health issues that arise in the winter, you might be wondering what we can do to help, but our holistic approach to treating and healing the body can do a lot more than ease sore muscles. 

Chiropractic care to treat your winter blues

Have you ever felt like your body generally hurts more as the weather gets colder? Every ache cuts a little deeper and your joints feel like they needed to be oiled like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz. There are a lot of theories as to why this happens, but we are more interested in how we can help you feel less pain. 

Our first suggestion is to book a chiropractic appointment. It can help decrease symptoms associated with anxiety and depression, and increase the pumping of oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs, improving circulation. In a chiro appointment, realigning the spine can reopen blocked critical nerves that cause pain and tension in the body. In regard to treating seasonal depression, getting your body back in proper alignment and relieving muscles of unnecessary pain and tension can be a catalyst for activity and movement that will break the long lethargic states of depression that come with the winter season. 

If those aren’t enough reasons to sign up for an appointment right now, consider it an act of self-care for your winter blues, as the experience can be extremely relaxing. Winter is hard enough, even when you aren’t dealing with health problems – you deserve to treat yourself.  

Infrared sauna treatment for seasonal depression

If you are interested in branching out beyond traditional chiropractic services, we recommend you try our infrared sauna treatment this winter. What to expect from an infrared sauna experience is similar to that of a traditional sauna, but the use of infrared rays allows for a more gentle and soothing experience that uses a therapeutic level of heat that won’t leave you feeling scorched. Our infrared sauna is a great way to treat yourself to some relaxing self-care for your winter blues with many added health benefits. 

Two of the main health benefits of infrared sauna treatment are lower blood pressure and improved circulation. Although the temperature in the sauna is far more comfortable than that of a traditional sauna, the infrared rays still induce a deep sweat that makes the heart beat faster, which increases blood flow, lowers blood pressure, and increases circulation. Studies have shown that due to the sweating, one session can actually have the potential to burn up to 600 calories while you are simply relaxing. Better blood circulation has also been connected with better cell health and immunity, which is super important as we enter cold and flu season. 

Benefits of massage therapy

Massage therapy can relax and soften tired and overused muscles and can also enhance immunity by stimulating lymph flow, which acts as your natural defense system. It can also help reduce depression symptoms, with a Journal of Clinical Psychiatry report finding that patients who were given a twice-weekly Swedish massage therapy had lower levels of anxiety than their counterparts with general anxiety who were not given massages. Therapeutic massage can rub your stress away, which decreases your heart rate, blood pressure, and your body’s fight or flight response. Studies have also shown that massage can help reset circadian rhythms, which is especially helpful for those experiencing seasonal affective disorder. If you are interested in therapeutic massage, we recommend Diane Lawson, a licensed therapist right next door to Creekside. She can be booked by calling 317-902-7050 directly.

As we approach the end of the year and what will probably feel like another never-ending winter, stop by Creekside Chiropractic to prepare your body and mind to be as happy and healthy as possible. Make your first appointment today by calling us at 317-758-4880 or by scheduling online. There is no better investment than your own body and health.