Have a full-time job? Either the kind where you get up and go to work M-F, 8-5 or even a work from home job? Hey, even being a stay-at-home parent or grandparent is a full-time job in itself!

Did you know when you’re stressed out by everyday life, usually self care is the first thing to go by the wayside? Indeed. The horrible part of that is self care is exactly what can help you stay on top of your game and be the super star of your day. It’s so very important to take time for you and self care. It helps keep your overall health, mind and body, in check.

Family Caregivers Average Week

Let’s see, does this describe your week to a T? Running around in the morning trying to get kids and spouses to school and work. Then you must worry about getting yourself ready for your work day. After putting in your 40 plus hours a week, then you get to worry about what is for dinner nightly and the never ending evening activities, including all the carting around for sports practices and games. Then there are baths, bedtime and the thousand times they need to get up for a drink, go to the bathroom, one last goodnight kiss and all those other creative excuses to get out of bed. Then there’s getting the laundry done, dishes done, setting clothes for tomorrow out, packing lunches, picking up the house that somehow was destroyed in the hour you were home from all the practices and games. Then last but not least, spend time with your significant other before its time for you to go to bed as well, if you don’t fall asleep on the couch while you are trying to watch that one show that makes your week. Then you get up before everyone else in the morning get everything ready for your day before you wake the troops up.

What’s Your Self Care Strategy?

So, in this crazy rush of helping everyone and taking care of everything how are you taking care of you? Yep, we said taking care of you. Not something we family caregivers often think about, is it? How and when are you making time for you? What’s your self care strategy? Did you know that if you do not take care of yourself you can get short tempered, forgetful and run down?

If you are sick or run down, who is going to take care of everything? Taking care of ourselves needs to be a priority in our busy lives. There are so many ways that you can take care of you.

Live Healthy with Self Care

  • Stressed? How about massage therapy or a spa day at The Mudroom at Creekside?
  • Feeling a little out of line? What about seeing a Dr. Erin Merrill Macy? She can help you feel like a new person!
  • What about those of us with chronic pain or inflammation? Have you thought about K-Laser Therapy? We have K-Laser in-house at our Hamilton County chiropractic care facility.
  • Need a minute to yourself? How about a pedicure? Take a bubble bath. Sit on the porch and really just sit. Read. Take a walk. Buy yourself some fresh flowers. Stroll a farmers market. Try a new face mask.

I know what you are thinking… How am I supposed to afford self care for me, when there are so many other “more important” pressing needs, like new cleats for my kid’s sport or takeout lunch for the week for my spouse.

All the different services that Creekside Chiropractic offers are very well-priced for the value of taking care of you. So maybe you have to take a packed lunch a few times next week. Is takeout more important than taking care of yourself? You owe it yourself and your loved ones to take care of you. It’s so very important. It makes you more resilient to the pressures of everyday life.

If self care is a new concept to you and you worry about taking the time for you, take baby steps. Set goals for self care. Science tells us people who are able to meet their own physical and emotional needs through positive self care are typically better equipped to care for others and have better overall  fulfillment from life.

Self care isn’t selfish. It’s not a waste of time. It’s essential to well-being.