Is slouching really that bad for you? Does posture matter that much? Yes, indeed!

Did you know there are almost 100 medical conditions associated with posture abnormalities? Conditions such as arthritis are within that number.

Poor posture usually happens slowly over time and some of the most common reasons for poor posture is poor ergonomics at work and/or home, obesity, weak postural muscles and/or tight postural muscles. Fortunately, poor posture can be fixed. Chiropractic care can correct abnormal posture by restoring proper alignment of the spine through routine chiropractic visits.

Having good posture allows the muscles to work properly and help maintain balance. It also helps helps maintain proper alignment and reduces the forces of gravity and can help prevent degenerative diseases like arthritis. Moreover, good posture helps while doing physical activities and can decrease injury.

We often see Central Indiana patients with posture issues and back pain. Bad posture can have long term effects. It is important to take care of your posture and be conscience of how you sit, stand and sleep and aim for proper alignment always. Additionally, when you’re feeling blue, improving your posture can actually lift your spirits.

Ways to Help Your Posture

  • Do not cross your legs when sitting
  • Do not sleep on your stomach
  • While standing keep your weight evenly placed
  • Stand tall with your shoulders pulled back

Worried about your posture and it’s effects on your health? Give Creekside Chiropractic a call and schedule a consult. We’d love to help.