Self care is never a selfish act. It’s nourishing your body and soul to be able to let your light shine brightly and be able to accomplish all your life roles – employee, entrepreneur, mom/dad, spouse, son/daughter, friend, sister and even caregiver. An empty lantern provides no light – love yourself first and everything else falls into place. 

Creekside Chiropractic Talks Healthy Living with Self Care

  • Stressed? How about massage therapy or a spa day at The Mudroom at Creekside?
  • Feeling a little out of line? What about seeing a Dr. Erin Merrill Macy? She can help you feel like a new person!
  • What about those of us with chronic pain or inflammation? Have you thought about K-Laser Therapy? We have K-Laser in-house at our Hamilton County chiropractic care facility.
  • Need a little Zen in your life? Check out The Studio on Main for the next group yoga class. Bring your mat and leave the rest of the world outside
  • Need a minute to yourself? How about a pedicure? Take a bubble bath. Sit on the porch and really just sit. Read. Take a walk. Buy yourself some fresh flowers. Stroll a farmers market. Try a new face mask.


If self care is a new concept to you and you worry about taking the time for you, take baby steps. Set goals for self care. Science tells us people who are able to meet their own physical and emotional needs through positive self care are typically better equipped to care for others and have better overall  fulfillment from life.

Self care isn’t selfish. It’s not a waste of time. It’s essential to well-being, so this fall… Carve Out Time for You.